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Piaggio X Evo Sport

Piaggio X Evo Sport
£ 3,699.00

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The new XEvo Sport is the latest heir to Piaggio’s long tradition on the prestigious GT scooter market. Available in 125cc , the Piaggio XEvo Sport sets new standards for the top end of the market for comfortable, stylish, spacious and metropolitan scooters.

The XEvo’s elegant lines and uncompromising finish instantly create a clear sense of prestige. The comfortable, ergonomic and protected sitting position delivers a smooth, relaxed ride worthy of any flagship. 

The XEvo’s refined styling shares a distinctive family feeling with the rest of the Piaggio GT scooter range. The lines of the XEvo simply exude elegance. Even the smallest detail has been carefully thought out and enhanced with the most prestigious materials. The twin headlights are enclosed behind tinted plastic covers and the direction indicators, which double up as hazard warning indicators, are surrounded by decorative chrome. The grab handles feature a high grip central insert for extra passenger safety, and extends rearwards to form a comfortable backrest. The rear view mirrors, mounted on the front shield and extending to the sides of the high, protective windshield, feature a matching paint finish to emphasise the XEvo’s true class.

The rationality and versatility of the XEvo design emerge clearly from the ample seating for rider and passenger and from an impressive 56 litre under-seat storage compartment, large enough to hold two full-face helmets and objects of up to 80 cm in length, and accessible from the rear as well. Both the seat and the rear door to the storage compartment open with the remote control that comes as standard.
The generous, automobile-derived instrumentation includes not only the usual speedometer and rev counter but a complete series of warning lights and function indicators plus a “trip computer” that lets you keep every function on the Piaggio XEvo under constant control.
The front mudguard integrated in the shield is another new feature. With its higher, fixed position, the new mudguard delivers improved aerodynamic penetration.
An impressive level of equipment characterises the XEvo as a true “Business Class” GT scooter. 
The broad, comfortable seat, for example, incorporates a passenger backrest as standard.

Please note the vehicle price excludes on the road charges. 


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